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Detail map of Hadrien's Wall

Hadrian's Wall map

Our purpose is not to set a predefined route, neither to say where to sleep or eat. In this map there is information about villages, campings, hostels, and interesting places to visit. It has the goal of being an orientative map so you can taylor you map. To do this trip is need to buy a detailed map.

In this case, from almost all Europe, we might need to use the airplane to arrive at the beginning of our route. If you want to do the itinerary as we propose in Europebybike the best to do it's to search Carlisle airport, near Brampton and to start the adventure from there. But there is always the train option, crossing the English Channel with the Eurostar from Paris to the main center of London in three hours, and from here, leave to Carlisle.

We hope you will do this trip and you will write us so your experiences will be part of Europebybike.
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